Over a month since tax season with no posts..............hmm............where did those days/weeks go?  My great nephew graduated from high school last weekend so I blew the dust off the sewing machine and made a tshirt quilt for him to take to college.  I admire him as he is going into law enforcement just like his dad.  With the way things are in todays society, I am proud to think he still wants to protect and serve.  Today I am off to watch him play in the section finals as he is also quite a baseball player.  It is funny as I think about my great aunts and how "OLD" i thought they were.  I don't feel as "OLD" as they seemed to me when I was his age.  I always wonder if they (great nephews & nieces) think of me  as "OLD".  It makes me laugh thinking about it.  Age..........what an odd word and meaning attached as it is all in perspective!!

Today is kitting day in the shop.  Good way to spend the warm humid day cutting wool!!  

This is a remake of our Heirloom Threads of Thyme that was published in Primitive Quilts in the fall issue 2023.  I had cut a new project to test back the pattern and create the beading video for the center area.  We sold out of the original kits, but I actually liked this colorway better.  Upon a request for a kit, I shared this colorway with the customer who was interested in ordering it in this colorway.  I am working with new Marcus wools and as I cut these kits today think I need to take a look at the brighter wools and add some vintage linens to see what else we can come up with!!  Stay tuned............enjoy this summer growing day! ~Thelma