Today is my first day back in the shop after a long tax season.  The photo of my dog says how I felt after a work day!!  Not sure if I should take this as a sign I am boring or if she is totally relaxed now that I am home with her again!!  My first task at hand has been to add a few things to our website and mull over new ideas of bus trip?, another Prinsburg sale? a spontaneous trip to Chicago to the h&h America's show.  After all some of our Marcus samples will be displayed in their booth and it would be fun to see that in person!!    Stay tuned for some upcoming new wool projects that have been in the works over the winter months.  A new baby quilt pattern that was designed for our sweet beautiful Makayla and some new videos for our you tube channel!!  We also have 2 projects coming out in American Patchwork & Quilting as well as Primitive Quilts & more this summer/fall.  I am finishing up a surface design class and spend evenings drawing in hopes of a possible fabric line.  There is SO much to learn there that I am not sure if it will "materialize" but feel that things happen for a reason and at this time the pieces seem to fall into place for the class so will see where this goes!!  We are never too old to learn!!   Shalom!!