As I look at our blog posts, many weeks/months pass by inbetween posts.  It's crazy how life is so busy that we don't have time to do all the things we feel we should!!  Dates come and go in the blink of the eye which brings me to my marshmallows.  Growing up on a dairy farm, we didn't have the luxury of "just running to the store" if we needed something that wasn't in the cupboard.  It was 12 miles to town and we all helped on the farm so chores were twice a day.  Mom always bought up a good supply of groceries when she shopped and we had our "supply cupboard" full of what we needed.  I have carried on that way of shopping/thinking into my adult years as well.  I have shelves that hold the "stock up" supplies on them so when I decide I need something it is there to use.  It's a great theory if you use it......  As our house now is just two of us (+2 dogs that wait for leftovers) we don't use near the amount of supplies as we once upon a time did.  Therefore, I have many a chuckles when I go to the cupboard, pull something out, and see a "best by Jan 27, 2022" date on the bag or sometimes even older!!  Some items I will use if they look and smell good,  but my Jet Puff Marshmallows lost their puffiness soon after Jan 2022 I believe!!    Just another reminder of how fast time goes and "I still can't believe I haven't made rice krispie bars for over a year!!"  I sure am glad that our fabric and quilting/sewing supplies aren't dated!!