Simply Give

"Simply Give" is a perfect wool applique project for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.  The name evolved from a house I drive by on my way to work that had a wreath hanging on the door.  It said "GIVE".  As I continued down the street I thought what a cool way to look at that word - we usually see it fastened to another word "Give Thanks" during the harvest season, but the word "GIVE" is very powerful in and of itself.  We can give in so many different ways that it really does deserve to stand on its own!!  I have participated in the Wooly Block Adventure several years.  We always design an 8 x 8 inch block for the adventure.  It can be difficult to know what to do with that block when it is finished up so this year I decided to make a penny background for my block.  It was well received by the adventure goers and as I stitched it up I decided why not start a "Straight Eight" club where the block can be changed out every month or for a specific occasion.  This "Simply Give" pattern is available as a download and I have more "Straight Eight" patterns to share with you in the very near future!!