There are many things certain in life and the one that affects us on a daily basis is change!!  Today we launched our website through Etsy.  In the changing world  we are ever more aware of online shopping.  It has already been 5 years since we closed up our brick and mortar quilt shop and settled in to a farm studio in Minnesota and a home studio in South Dakota.  We have watched the quilting industry change with supplies being hard to get, price increases, and changes to quilt shows.  There have been many times we have said to each other "sure glad we don't have the shop now!!"  We certainly miss the people we connected to during our brick and mortar days, but the uncertainty and rising prices make us glad we are not in a brick & mortar building!!   We chose to continue our creating and selling through our Etsy sites as well as a website.  We made the decision to incorporate the two sites as it will be easier for us to keep it fresh and current!!  We are excited about this change and hope you will be as well!!  

On our blog we plan to share things that happen in our life as well as relate to our creating.  In this world where little things can offend someone, we want you to know that we post from our heart and we would never purposely intend to offend someone!!  Please be kind.  The world needs kindness - that is something that will never change!!  Thelma