Shades of the Past 
Quilt Shop


Metro Mystery Tour
Saturday October 29th

Join Darci & Lacey as they board the Mystery Machine and take you on a tour to (5) metro quilt shops where will park our broomsticks for an hour and shop until we drop!  We will depart our quilt shop around 7am with a return time of 8pm (give or take).  We invite you to join us in dressing up for Halloween, but know that's not necessary for the day to be fun!!

Cost: $75.00 and includes your evening meal

June 2017 & July 2017

Back by popular demand. . .we are going to Hamilton.  This will be a two-day adventure back to Missouri to visit the 13 shops of the Missouri Star nestled in Hamilton, Missouri.  We do invite you to check back, watch our Facebook and your e-mail to find the confired trip dates & pricing details.  This bus has been generating a LOT of interest so please don't delay in signing up!


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