Spinning in circles.........

Aug 17th 2018

You know that circle you see spinning when you are trying to search the web.....well that sums up this "in transition" work environment!!!  I know that I am going upward but some days the stairs … read more

Book of Life

Jul 12th 2018

As I pulled up the blog this afternoon, I thought about all the "filler" of my time that has happened since the last blog post  way back in March.   Even tho the blog entries are barren, our … read more


Mar 11th 2018

Persistence.It has only taken us about four weeks to sit down and finish this blog post.The power of persistence. . .finally prevails.Over the course of the past year, we have learned the importance o … read more

Where does the time go?

Posted by Darci on Feb 11th 2018

As the phrase goes....Today is the first day of the rest of your life.... - Can't look back other than to see the last blog post was December 24th!  WOW!  There are lots of things that occup … read more

Merry Christmas

Dec 24th 2017

Emmanuel...God is with us.  What a powerful thought.  As I look back over this past year the thought of this was so very evident.  Christmas is different this year.  Although I don … read more