It Takes a Village...

Posted by Darci on Sep 28th 2018

As the days have passed by since my great niece's leukemia diagnosis, I have witnessed, thru the area communites and social media, the truth of this phrase.  I can't imagine what her parents are … read more


Sep 18th 2018

                                  As we all know, we like to believe we are in control of life.  We have our d … read more

Just Chillin...Part 2

Sep 12th 2018

Just Chillin Part 1 was actually written before Labor Day hmmm.....where did those days go?  I couldn't finish the post that night so put it on hold.   Lacey said just publish it as Par … read more

Just chillin......Part 1

Sep 12th 2018

Truly it is the simple things in life that bring the most happiness to a person!!  Life is so busy that we often overlook the little things that can make us laugh out loud or bring a smile to our … read more

Faith over Fear

Aug 23rd 2018

Much to my surprise last night when I came down my road was the semi and trailer that hauled the equipment to start moving dirt. What a welcome sight that was. This morning while I watched them … read more