Sep 18th 2018

                                  As we all know, we like to believe we are in control of life.  We have our d … read more

Just Chillin...Part 2

Sep 12th 2018

Just Chillin Part 1 was actually written before Labor Day hmmm.....where did those days go?  I couldn't finish the post that night so put it on hold.   Lacey said just publish it as Par … read more

Just chillin......Part 1

Sep 12th 2018

Truly it is the simple things in life that bring the most happiness to a person!!  Life is so busy that we often overlook the little things that can make us laugh out loud or bring a smile to our … read more

Faith over Fear

Aug 23rd 2018

Much to my surprise last night when I came down my road was the semi and trailer that hauled the equipment to start moving dirt. What a welcome sight that was. This morning while I watched them … read more

Spinning in circles.........

Aug 17th 2018

You know that circle you see spinning when you are trying to search the web.....well that sums up this "in transition" work environment!!!  I know that I am going upward but some days the stairs … read more