Faith over Fear

Aug 23rd 2018

Much to my surprise last night when I came down my road was the semi and trailer that hauled the equipment to start moving dirt. What a welcome sight that was. This morning while I watched them … read more

Spinning in circles.........

Aug 17th 2018

You know that circle you see spinning when you are trying to search the web.....well that sums up this "in transition" work environment!!!  I know that I am going upward but some days the stairs … read more

Book of Life

Jul 12th 2018

As I pulled up the blog this afternoon, I thought about all the "filler" of my time that has happened since the last blog post  way back in March.   Even tho the blog entries are barren, our … read more


Mar 11th 2018

Persistence.It has only taken us about four weeks to sit down and finish this blog post.The power of persistence. . .finally prevails.Over the course of the past year, we have learned the importance o … read more

Where does the time go?

Posted by Darci on Feb 11th 2018

As the phrase goes....Today is the first day of the rest of your life.... - Can't look back other than to see the last blog post was December 24th!  WOW!  There are lots of things that occup … read more