Be the change

Nov 4th 2018

When I opened up the calendar book to see what November had in store for wisdom this is what I read.  It couldn't be more perfect for the upcoming week and the election.  Sometimes we don't … read more

Answered Prayer

Oct 19th 2018

I am beyond happy to share with you my 3 year old niece received the news today that she is in remission.  As with any cancer situation, it has been a road that my nephew and his family never ima … read more


Oct 5th 2018

This was the Friday activity at my house today.  It is starting to become more of a reality now as in a couple of weeks we will have the shell of the building up and the new interior will start t … read more


Oct 4th 2018

Today was a girls day out!!  Our destination for the day was "Woolstock" in Spring Lake Park.  As we so often do, we have our day planned out and don't give a thought to the fact it may not … read more

It Takes a Village...

Posted by Darci on Sep 28th 2018

As the days have passed by since my great niece's leukemia diagnosis, I have witnessed, thru the area communites and social media, the truth of this phrase.  I can't imagine what her parents are … read more