Snow, Vinegar, and Tea.....

Mar 3rd 2019

God grant me the serenity to accept another snowstormThe courage to drive in the snow and the wisdom to know when to stay home...Well I started this blog post last Sunday during the snowstorm and neve … read more


Feb 10th 2019

Ripples...... The ripple effect can be very relaxing when standing near a body of water throwing a stone in to see the design it makes.  Ripples come in various forms.  I haven't blogged for … read more

Happy New Year!

Jan 1st 2019

Happy New Year!!   We hope that you have had a peaceful holiday season and are ready to embark on 2019!!  We are busy planning our quilting year ahead and look forward to connecting with our … read more

Getting closer...

Dec 30th 2018

Well it has been a month since my last blog post and I apologize for that.  The days just go by way too fast and I am getting older so the days just go that much faster.  It certainly isn't … read more


Nov 22nd 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this blog post today.  Thanksgiving - what does it mean?  When I was a kid I believe I thought it was the holiday that brought out a turkey, dressing, … read more