Happy New Year!

Jan 1st 2019

Happy New Year!!   We hope that you have had a peaceful holiday season and are ready to embark on 2019!!  We are busy planning our quilting year ahead and look forward to connecting with our … read more

Getting closer...

Dec 30th 2018

Well it has been a month since my last blog post and I apologize for that.  The days just go by way too fast and I am getting older so the days just go that much faster.  It certainly isn't … read more


Nov 22nd 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this blog post today.  Thanksgiving - what does it mean?  When I was a kid I believe I thought it was the holiday that brought out a turkey, dressing, … read more


Nov 15th 2018

I seen this quote on facebook a couple of nights ago and felt it was worth sharing.  It kind of sums things up as there are many times we are dealt things in life we do not like.  Often they … read more

Be the change

Nov 4th 2018

When I opened up the calendar book to see what November had in store for wisdom this is what I read.  It couldn't be more perfect for the upcoming week and the election.  Sometimes we don't … read more